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Importance of Hobart Baroque Festival

Have you ever wondered why classical music is considered the most significant of the musical form? This is because classical music is eloquent and demanding and has a deep connect across all languages, races and times and is intellectually inspiring. Hobart Baroque Festival history is the most significant cultural statement made by Tasmania in living memory. This festival is also important from a financial standpoint as it adds to the economy of the region. But at the end of the day what matters is not how many people attend the festival but what matters is who those people are, what they do in Tasmania, and what they say about Tasmania when they leave. Classical music festivals are treasured by the cities and regions that host them, and Hobart is one of them. In a nutshell, the positive things about this festival are:
  • The taste of people for classical music is developing
  • International artists and musicians are participating
  • Young Talented Australians getting an opportunity
  • The festival boosts the tourism of Hobart, TAS

Highlights of Hobart Baroque Festival History

Promotion of Culture
Perhaps the best thing about Hobart Baroque Festival history is that it promoted the culture through its Baroque music. People who love this type of song attended the event every corner of the country.
International Artists
Singers from different parts of the world like Russia, Spain, America, France, etc., visit Hobart during this festival. These singers perform in this event, making it a much bigger event.
Electrifying Atmosphere
The biggest highlight of this festival is its atmosphere. Thousands of people visit this event to witness the electrifying atmosphere that makes this event so unique.
Food and Drinks
Hundreds of stalls sell delicious food and different types of drinks. That makes the event even more happening because people can enjoy food, drinks and music at the same place.
The festival is also known for the handicrafts that people sell. Along with classical music, handicrafts also contribute to the promotion of the culture.
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Hobart Baroque Festival

History and Transition

The Hobart Baroque Festival started in April 2013 and quickly emerged as a noteworthy name on the cultural scene in Australia. The music festival is as unique and exciting as Hobart among Australian capitals. It is the only event in Australia that is completely dedicated to a music performance of the late 17th and early 18th centuries. The 2013 edition of the music festival was a remarkable success, with the public and critics on the same page. Everyone was highly impressed by the response and the extraordinary number of visitors from other states, which showed its vast potential. The State Government of Tasmania showed its support for Hobart Baroque Festival.
Many artists performed in the 2014 edition, which included performers who had successful international careers and many talented young musicians from Australia. The beauty of this particular edition was that it was not limited to the Australian artists only. Artists and musicians from around the world participated in Hobart Baroque 2014, including Finland, the UK, Spain, Greece, Israel, Russia, Turkey and New Zealand. This was indeed a global event. In a ground-breaking move, a special series of early evening live performances aimed to attract the easing young audiences and their appreciation for classical music has a ticket price of only a five-dollar.
The organisers of the Hobart Baroque Festival requested $3.05 million as funding for the 2015-2017 duration, which was around $1 million per year. The requested amount was significant $200,000 more than what the organisers received during the opening year and $400,000 the following year. Unfortunately, the funding amount was too much for the Tasmania festival budget. So, the government informed about the lack of funds for the music festival. At that point of time, the Queensland Art Foundation agrees to provide the funding to Leo Schofield, the director of the Festival. As a result, in 2015, the Hobart Baroque Festival was relocated to Brisbane and named 'Brisbane Baroque'.
The Brisbane Baroque Festival 2016 took place in the month of April. The festival, which was organised by Directors Leo Schofield AM and Jarrod Carland, presented music from a period when magnificent music was revealed all by its purity, representing all that was good about life, particularly a growing love for nature. The 2016 edition of the festival featured some truly beautiful music aimed at enriching the mind, spirit, and soul of the audience. The event in Brisbane features a celebration of secular and sacred music by German composer Johann Sebastian Bach. It was highly appreciated by the music lovers of Brisbane.

Main Aspects of Hobart Baroque Festival History

Classical Music

One of the main characteristics of the music festival is its genre. Through this event, artists and musicians pay homage to the musical performances of the late 17th and early 18th centuries. This type of music is highly influenced by European countries like England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. The soldiers, sailors and convicts who came to Australia brought the music with them. In this event, this type gets promoted, and people highly appreciate it. Thanks to classical music, the cultural value in people, particularly the youngsters, is developing.

International Artists

Another important element of the music festival is the artist and musicians performed. As the event became popular, artists from various countries like the UK, Finland, Spain, Greece, Turkey, New Zealand, Israel, Russia, etc., were involved. Their involvement helped the festival to reach a new height can make a place in the global music world. The international recognition also helped young talented Australian artists. So it won't be unfair to say that this festival was a global event.


Any music event is incomplete if the enjoyment factor is missing. At least Hobart Baroque music event does not disappoint the audience from this point of view. Apart from the electrifying aura created by the international performers, the festival also has enough arrangements so that the people experience a memorable time. In this festival, numerous stalls were set up where people purchased delicious food and drinks. The handicrafts, clothes and other such stalls also attracted the people.

Best Music Festival in Hobart

Hobart Baroque Festival is undoubtedly the best music festival organised in Hobart, TAS. The event gave the classical music lover some moments and memories they will cherish for a lifetime.


Importance of Hobart Baroque Festival History for the City

Not many people thought that the music festival in Hobart, Tasmania, would be a success that could even boost the city's tourism. However, the music fans believed that. Thus, they gathered in that delightful city and become a part of the Hobart Baroque Festival history. The event was highly appreciated by the audience that include influential people from all over Australia like CEO of Better removals, Best Removalists Brisbane. and that confirmed the reputation of Tasmania as a rising cultural haven. The visionary founder of the festival - Jarrod Carland and Leo Schofield AM, was in charge of executing things in perfect ways, and they did it successfully. The two entrepreneurs from Australia left no stone unturned to make sure that the event achieved new heights. The duo not only gave tourism if Hobart and Tasmania a boost but also gave artists an excellent stage to perform. The overseas artists involved in the event had a very positive experience, which didn't go unnoticed on the stage of world music.

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    What to Expect From This Festival?

    More Reach

    The festival started in Hobart, Tasmania but then had to relocate to Brisbane. However, it has highly impressed the music lover of the country. Therefore, experts believe that this music festival could reach other capital cities as

    More International Recognition

    International artists have already started performing in the event, and both the artists and the audience loved it. So, it won't be a surprise if more popular names in world music participate in this festival.

    More Baroque Lovers

    Another good thing that everyone can expect from this festival is that it can generate interest in classical music among young Australians and that might develop cultural values.

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